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Group Contacts & Summaries - October 2019

GCIG Mentoring Welcome Package

GCIG Mentoring Roster

GCIG Budgeting

CCRN Overview for Harmonization

Company Intellectual Property Acknowledgement

Example Publication Guidelines

Harmonization Committee Liaisons

Harmonization Guidebook

Travel Support Document

Travel Expense Claim Form

GCIG Participation Matrix

Actions Checklist for  New Country Activation

Essential Documents Checklist

Essential Documents Checklist Results Final

Templates and Tools

Communication Plan Template

Agreement Template and Guidelines

Group Criteria/Country Checklist

Group Specific Guidelines

Group Specific Appendix

Site Approval Form

Site Selection Checklist

Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) v June 2015

MTA Guidelines May 2015
Template Vendor Assessment for Collaborative Groups


CCRN for Harmonization

IATA training

GCP Training

Surveys /Summaries

Keller Insurance Indemnity Update

Financial Toxicity


2016 Autumn Ops Agenda

2016 Autumn Stats Agenda

2016 Spring Ops Agenda

2016 Spring Stats Agenda



2016 Autumn Ops Minutes

2016 Spring Ops & Joint- Minutes

2016 Spring Stats - Report to General Assembly

2015 Fall Harmonization Minutes

2015 Spring Harmonization Minutes

2015 Spring General Assembly Stat Report

2014 Spring Harmonization Ops and Joint Minutes

2014 Spring Harmonization Stats

2013 Fall Harmonization Ops

2013 Fall Harmonization Stats

2013 Spring Harmonization Ops

2013 Spring Harmonization Stats

2012 Fall Harmonization Ops

2012 Fall Harmonization Stats

2012 Spring Harmonization Ops

2012 Spring Harmonization Stats

2011 Fall Harmonization Minutes

2011 Spring Harmonization Ops

2011 Spring Harmonization Stats

2010 Fall Harmonization Stats

2010 Fall Harmonization Ops

2010 Spring Harmonization Minutes

2009 Fall Harmonization Ops and Joint Minutes

2009 Spring Harmonization Stats

2009 Spring Harmonization Ops

2008 Fall Harmonization Stats

2008 Fall Harmonization Ops

2008 Spring Harmonization Stats

2008 Spring Harmonization Ops

2007 Spring Harmonization Minutes

2006 Fall Harmonization Minutes

2006 Spring Harmonization Stats

2006 Spring Harmonization Ops

2005 stats Validation of Adaptive Randomisation

2005 Fall Harmonization Ops and Joint Minutes

2005 Spring Harmonization Minutes

2005 Spring Addendum Harmonization Ops and Joint Minutes

2004 Fall Harmonization Minutes

Harmonization Committee - I



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